Shastha Little Millet 5 Lbs

Shastha Little Millet 5 Lbs



Weight : 2.27 Kg / 5 Lbs.

INGREDIENTS : Little Millet(Processed, Unpolished and Hulled)

-  Little millet is one of the small millets commonly known as ‘kutki’ in Hindi, ‘samai’ in Tamil and Kannada and ‘samalu’ in Telugu and Chama in Malayalam.
-  All recipes made with staple rice can be prepared using little millets with similar taste. 
-  Faster to cook than rice. 
-  Excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, niacin and polyphenols
-  Could be used for making roti, Dosa, upma, Kichadi baked and fried items, Salads, Payasam and many more.
-   Little millet contains amino acids in balanced proportions and is rich in methionine, cysteine and lysine. 
-   Beneficial to vegans dependent on plant foods for protein.

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