Bring Home The Convenience Of Healthy Mixes - Only With Shastha Foods Ready-To-Eat range.

Bring Home The Convenience Of Healthy Mixes - Only With Shastha Foods Ready-To-Eat range.

Ready-to-eat Mixes, also known as convenience food, are typical the partially cooked stuff, which can quickly be processed and placed on table.

With our on-the-go lifestyle and no time for cooking from scratch, these mixes serve the right balance of natural flavors without lengthy cooking. They are getting highly popular because they help:

Save Time: Pre-mixed food items are already cooked, and therefore quite less amount of time is required for cooking.

Easily Availability: Convenience foods are available round the year. Consumers now have more number of partially cooked foods available for immediate consumption.

Safe Consumption: Hygiene and quality is always given substantial amount of care during preparation of ready to eat foods as these are produced in authorized facilities. The preparation of food is done in accordance with laid down rules and regulations of government.

Less Of Nutritional Depreciation: Owing to the modern machines and latest technology, ready to eat foods do not have any major nutrient loss. You can get effective nutrient value and a great healthy benefit.

Practical & easy to use: Available in ready-made or in packaged form, ready to eat foods are useful for consumers in various conditions, especially for those who are facing physical deformities, or are in the situation where cooking is not possible.

Now you do not need to compromise on taste, quality and nutrient value even with quick meals. Try using these mixes in everyday cooking and you can achieve similar taste and aroma.

At Shastha Foods, we’ve introduced a range of south indian food mixes that can be cooked in less than 10 min, similar to the flavors you may get from the fresh ingredients.

Each item on our Ready-To-Eat menu is natural, preservative-free and 100% vegetarian. We work very closely with our distributors to ensure complete quality check as per the FDA food guidelines.

And if you are a college student yearning for a spicy rasam of homemade sambhar, you’ve got an option that is homely and flavorful, reminding you of back home.

Shastha foods brings five different types of mixes to add original and homemade flavor and taste to your every meal.

VATHALKUZHAMBU MIX- Vathal Kuzhambu / Vathal Kulambu is a popular gravy for rice served all over South India in a traditional meal setting. The Vathal Kuzhambu  Ready Mix is made from Tamarind as the main ingredient and Manathakkali Vathal.

TAMARIND RICE MIX- This rice mix is used to make one of the best delicious south Indian dish. This is the most easiest way to add zest to plain rice.

NEEM FLOWER RASAM MIX- Neem Flower Rasam is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Curries. Neem is extensively used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

LEMON RICE MIX- Just a dash of lemon does wonders to elevate the flavours in a dish. The lemon in the rice aids in the absorption of iron in your body due to its high vitamin c content.

KANDATHIPILLI RASAM MIX- Kandathippili Rasam | Long Pepper Rasam, is one of the traditional Rasam variety in Tamil Nadu. It has many medicinal benefits.


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