Shastha Barnyard Millet 5 Lbs

Shastha Barnyard Millet 5 Lbs



Weight : 2.27 Kg / 5 Lbs

INGREDIENTS : Barnyard Millet (Processed, Unpolished and Hulled)

-   It is known as Kuthiravali in Tamil , Odalu in Telugu, Jhangora in Hindi, Oodalu in Kannada, Kavadapullu in Malayalam.
-   The millet is tiny white, round grain, bigger than semolina (rava) but smaller than Sago (Sabudhana)
-   It has relatively low Carbohydrate content. 
-   Rich in Fibre, Iron and Protein and low glycemic food
-   Can be used to make Porridge, Kheer,  Dosa, Idly, Pulav,  Upma, Kichdi and many more.

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